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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Six by Six Challenge

Hello.  My name is Nathalia, and I'm a paper hoarder.  :)  I guess it's no real secret how in LOVE I am with all the cute paper that's available to us as papercrafters.  I was recently moving a few things around in my craft room and discovered just exactly how much paper I have in my stash.  Yikes!

So I plan to focus on stashing-busting, MAJOR stash-busting!

I'm starting with a method I read about in this OWH post.  The post-writer explained how she took one 6 x 6 pad of paper and turned it into 24 cards.  And this blogger managed to make 54 cards out of a single 6 x 6 pad.  How cool is that?!?!  So I'm going to give this method a whirl!  My plan is to see how many cards I can make out of one 6 x 6 pad.  So Hang onto your hats because here we go!

I've selected this pad called Reunion by My Mind's Eye as my challenge paper:

I started out with five sheets from this pad this OWH sketch:

I love using these OWH sketches.  They put the measurements on the sketch so I don't have to sit there and try to eyeball sizes!  These are the first two cards that I came up with:

So I'm at two cards from this pad so far!

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